Key Risks


Zisk Investments will source an estate or property which we believe to be lucrative by way of the income generated and/or the potential capital gains achieved. However, investing in real estate or property comes with various risks, whether you invest directly or via an investment platform such as Zisk Investments. The properties and their associated special purpose vehicles (SPV’s) will be managed by Zisk Investments in line with the Prospectus, Terms of Service and Investor Terms. The investments which you subscribe to are all fixed term investments as specified within the Prospectus and as such you will not be able to leave or redeem your investment prior to the end of the investment term.


The value of your investment with Zisk Investments can go down as well as up and historic performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. So, the value of your investment may decline with the possibility of all your capital being lost. A fall in the value of your investment may be due to a number of reasons, such as a fall in the underlying value of the property, a problem with the property that will need to be funded from future rental income or for any other unforeseen eventuality. Investing in properties directly or via Zisk Investments, carries certain risks and you should ensure that you have obtained the appropriate advice.

In relation to any such investment opportunities, it is your responsibility to:

  • Satisfy yourself that you understand all involved risks and seek any professional financial, tax or legal advice before investing;
  • Carry out your own independent due diligence to ascertain the risks involved;
  • Ensure the risks involved are acceptable to you prior to investing;
  • Ensure you are comfortable with the total amount you are investing given the risks involved.

You acknowledge that, by making any investment with Zisk Investments, you may not get all or any your money back.


While Zisk Investments provide gross rental income estimates for property investments on our platform, these are not guaranteed in any way as they are the best estimates prepared by Zisk Investments based on the information available about each of property and the property market in general. The rents actually secured for your invested property are reliant on several factors outside of the control of Zisk Investments.

It is also worth highlighting that various laws can be used by a tenant at any time for their protection, and this can mean that their lease is terminated and rejected. As a result, the tenant may no longer make any more payments on time, or any payments under its lease at all.


Investments with Zisk Investments constitute private transactions with the aim for long term investment. Currently, any of your Zisk Investments investments cannot be sold prior to the actual sale of the property, which is usually 1-5 years (as specified within the prospectus). Whilst Zisk Investments will do everything reasonably possible to ensure suitable and efficient exit for each investment, Zisk Investments cannot guarantee that the property you invest in will be sold or at any particular estimated or guaranteed price unless a suitable buyer can be found, and even then, property transactions can take several months to complete. As such, you should consider the possibility that you may need to hold an investment until the property is sold (as per the Investor Terms) which may be a longer time period than you originally anticipated or was listed on the Website. However, Zisk Investments will take all reasonable care to ensure that the property is sold by the end of the Investment Term.


Changes in market conditions including, for example, changes in economic conditions, interest and/or inflation rates, investor or consumer confidence, industry conditions, competition, political events and trends, regulation, tax laws, unforeseen incidents, event beyond our control like acts of God or terrorist activities or fraud and other factors can substantially and adversely affect real estate investments in general and your particular property investment.


Any property investment opportunities offered by Zisk Investments that are located overseas (outside of the UK) will carry additional risks. You must ensure that you understand all such risks inherent in such opportunities. These risks include but are not limited to additional political and economic risks associated with these jurisdictions, accepted local practices in respect of property investments (e.g. off-plan or under-construction properties may only offer a contractual agreement with the property developer as the legal titles aren’t registered until the completion), additional tax liability and fraud. Holding overseas assets also carries the risk of exchange rate fluctuation. This means that if you own an investment that is denominated, for example, in Japanese Yen and the value of the Yen improves against the Pound Sterling, the value of your investment in Sterling terms will decrease.